About Me

“Ontogenesis (ˌɒntəˈdʒɛnɪsɪs)
the entire sequence of events involved in the development of an individual organism”

I am a 25 y/o male from the Netherlands and spend most of my time thinking about the stuff I post here.

This site was created to help gain understanding of the world we live in and understand why we do what we do. With this knowledge, I should be able to navigate myself through life. Primarily, this is an endeavor started out of self-interest, like most things. I need to be able to communicate what I think about in a way that other people will understand it. This forces myself to clearly think things through. It’s a great benefit of course if it helps you too!

Now, take a quick look at the definition of the word in the beginning of this post. The term ontogenesis was chosen for the reason that by keeping track of my thoughts and subsequent actions one should notice an upward curve in development over time.
This will describe a history of successes and failures (entire sequence of events involved in the development) that hopefully anyone can learn from and be inspired by.

Most of the subjects can be linked to self development related topics (productivity, psychology, philosophy, dating, business, money, health etc.)
Possibly there will be some shit posts about politics and society.

– Tom