What is truly obsessing me right now

What is truly obsessing me right now

I’m thinking about what to post on, what subject I should write about.
Currently what obsesses me is:

  • How a certain person is that certain person.
    • How can a person’s being be defined?
    • What drives this person to be like this?
    • What has led to these drives? What are the influences and catalysts?
    • What other factors play a role in him being that person?
    • How do they play out?
  • How can I apply this to myself to better be able to reach my goals?
    • What are my goals?
    • Why are these my goals, why should I be putting effort into attaining them?
    • An equally important question, why should I not put effort into attaining them? What is blocking me?
    • What are currently my weak points that should be fixed?
      • What are my liabilities?
    • What are currently my strong points that I could enhance?
      • What are my assets?
    • Is there anything to add?
    • What are the thoughts and behaviors that I must adopt to become that person that has the highest chance of attaining these goals?

By now I have read quite some books regarding these questions and did a lot of pondering on my own. However, I never quite felt that I put enough directed effort into understanding these questions and the corresponding answers thoroughly. Still, a lot of my actions and thoughts are a bit derpy and unfocused as if I am confused as fuck about these topics.

In the next few posts I will try to shine more light on it.


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