Introduction to Social Justice Warriors and Gender Differences

Introduction to Social Justice Warriors and Gender Differences


The definition of Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) as described by the Urban Dictionary:

“A person who uses the fight for civil rights as an excuse to be rude, condescending, and sometimes violent for the purpose of relieving their frustrations or validating their sense of unwarranted moral superiority. The behaviors of Social justice warriors usually have a negative impact on the civil rights movement, turning away potential allies and fueling the resurgence of bigoted groups that scoop up people who have been burned or turned off by social justice warriors.”

Basically, SJW’s are the people that get ‘triggered’ by any minor form of injustice or inconvenience and continue to be batshit crazy about it. Since all SJW’s are also feminists, feminism is getting a very bad reputation. Many compilations of triggered SJW’s circle around on YouTube, see this example.

Basic ideas of a Social Justice Warrior

Social Justice warriors have the following basic ideas:

  1. Everybody needs to feel comfortable at all times, but particularly themselves.
  2. The world is divided in perpetrators and victims.
  3. Everybody that is ‘superior’ or better in some way is a perpetrator of social injustice.
  4. White people are privileged because they supposedly are the only ones perpetrating racism and are never a victim of racism. Ironically, this is the most racist statement ever made.
  5. Therefore white people should be ashamed of themselves and never pursue anything. If you achieve any form of success, this will be because of your white privilege.
  6. The same idea applies to men, but replace the word racism with sexism.
  7. Therefore men should never pursue anything, because they are bound to suppress women in doing so.
  8. So called ‘victims’ of racism and sexism and any other form of social injustice should have the same career opportunities as the perpetrators.
    1. Competence does not matter (SJW’s don’t believe in competence).
    2. Only an equal distribution of varied sexes and races matters.

I found an interesting book about the SJW’s philosophy.

Differences between men and women

Social Justice Warriors hate men in top positions, because they are only there because of their male privilege and the suppression of women. For bonus points you can add white privilege too, if the man in question is white.

It is true that men are dominantly occupying top positions, but can we blame this purely on their genitals and penis-favouritism?

Difference in personality traits

I have the following thoughts about this:

  1. Disclaimer: I am not against women in top positions. I am against putting people in positions based on their race or sex, instead of competence. This is by the way called positive discrimination.
  2. Also nobody ever considers why this is. There is only the assumption that men hate women and don’t want them in positions of power.
  3. There have been plenty of studies on men’s and women’s traits. One study researched the big five personality traits of men and women.
    1. Women are much more Agreeable than men, which indicates care of others, cooperation and maintenance of social harmony.
      1. This is good for teamwork and cooperation, obviously.
      2. This is bad for personal success, since you are less likely to assert yourself. It is less likely that you will negotiate a salary raise or promotion.
    2. Women score higher in Neuroticism, which means they tend to have more negative emotions like anxiety and are less able to deal with these .
      1. Top positions relate with a lot of stressful situations and threats coming from all directions. Men tend to be better able to deal with this.
  4. When looking at these kind of studies it is important to note that there is a big overlap between men and women.
  5. However, this counts for the average person. People in top positions are not average and are the outliers in this study’s spectrum. Men are almost exclusively represented in the outlying negative end of Agreeableness, meaning that the least agreeable people are almost all men.
  6. The same counts for women on the other end of the Agreeableness spectrum.

Difference in goals

Other than that, women generally pursue relationship goals where man pursue vocational goals.
It is almost impossible to be in a top position and maintain a family as much as most women would like to. A top position requires attention on the job after working hours too, this has an effect on family and other relationships. So, another good question is: why would anybody want to be in a top position?

Propositions for a better world

We need to acknowledge that men and women are different in nature and therefore will be better at different things. This is not sexist, this is reality. We need to work together, not against each other.
We need to be able to speak our minds, SJW’s should not act like the thought police. If we want to discuss societal affairs, we need to take into account ALL the factors that result in the current situation. Decisions need to be made on rational thinking not based on feelings of uncomfortableness.
Just focussing on hate, racism, sexism and bigotry is utterly stupid and abhorrent. We are smarter than this.

Social Justice Warriors need to drop their self-entitlement and crybaby behavior (I intend to write another article about SJW psychology in the future) and get their shit together like everybody else.
Who are the only ones who can get things done by crying for it? Yes, you guessed it. Babies.

Grow up and act like an adult. Deserve your piece of the pie.

And as for all things, if you cannot handle reality, life will bitchslap you in the face.

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